MCTS Driver Surprises 10-Year-Old Boy with New Bike


MCTS Driver Shamika Anderson pulled her bus over near Howell and Ohio in Milwaukee on Monday, July 6 after suspecting a possible mechanical issue.

While waiting for a new bus to arrive so that she could continue her route, a young boy named DJ walked up to Shamika and introduced himself. DJ and Shamika quickly became friends, as the 10-year-old opened up about his family’s life – which included some hardships. He also happened to mention that his bicycle recently broke and he hasn't been able to get it repaired.

Shamika gave DJ some advice and words of wisdom. DJ returned the favor by trying to teach Shamika how to ride his skateboard!

Before getting back to work, Shamika had an idea, so she wrote her phone number down and asked the boy to give the paper to his mother. Shamika wanted to ask if it would be OK if she dropped off some goodies for the family. The next day, Shamika went to the store, purchased a brand new bike, and dropped it off at DJ’s house.

DJ’s mother was so thankful for the kind and generous gesture that she snapped some photos and posted a heartfelt message on social media, saying, “Shamika’s actions blew my mind. We still can't believe it. The world is still full of amazing people!”

Thank you, Shamika, for going above and beyond to demonstrate MCTS Excellence. Your continued kindness and compassion inspire your passengers, friends, family, co-workers, and people all across the community.


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